Basement Refinishing Ideas For More Comfortable Workspace

The basement is often thought of as unusable space in the home, however if you refinish it properly, it can make it appealing and comfortable workspace for those decorating projects for the rest of the home.
If you want to create storage space in your basement, then you should consider wall-mounted shelves.

These will be a lot less bulky than large cabinets and will be easier to carry down into the basement for setting up. You want to be sure that you attach the shelves to the wall securely using the right types of bolts as you don’t want everything falling down later on. If your basement walls are concrete, then you’ll have to be sure to drill in carefully and use the appropriate glues.

Along with your storage shelves, you might want to add a nice workbench. Here you’ll be able to use your power tools and other implements without bothering anyone else in the house. Depending on the entryway that you have into the basement, you might want to consider expanding and if you will be doing big projects down and and taking them upstairs are outside.

If you are going to use those power tools in the basement, one of your first basement refinishing ideas might be to consider acoustic lining which will help keep the noise you’re making in the basement from bothering your wife upstairs. This will allow you to be able to go down there and do your work whenever you want without upsetting your other family members.

The basement can be a great place to cool off in the summer but might not be so pleasant in the winter so if you really want to control the temps down there, you might consider thermal insulation. Installing thermal insulation in the proper manner can help keep your temperatures more consistent and allow you to be able to work in their more comfortably.

You will be able to get much work done though in a dimly lit basement so you might want to consider adding some soft light lamps or other bright lighting that isn’t as harsh as fluorescent lights on the eyes. You want to make sure that it’s well lit, especially if you’re going to be doing construction projects at your workbench but you want the light to be pleasant and smooth.

One of the most popular basement refinishing ideas that can actually add more monetary value to your home is to put a bathroom in the basement. Since most of your pipes are down there anyway, a bathroom can fit right in. You may have to install a toilet that pumps up though, if you’re underground but these can be easily done by any plumber. Having an extra bathroom, even if it is in the basement can add a lot of convenience to your family life and might even help you get to work on time in the morning!