Causes of Replacing a Roof

What would a house be like without a roof? Would it still be called a house? We really can’t even fathom the idea of a house going “topless”. The main purpose of a roof is to keep the great outdoors, well, outdoors. We like to live in a controlled environment and the roof is the main piece of a house the creates this comfortable atmosphere. Bad weather stays outside where it belongs. So how should we treat this part of the house that protects us? There’s not really a lot we can do as far as maintenance goes but we do the best we can.

A roofing company inspect roofs that have been damaged by hail, wind, debris, sun, age or excessive walking causing the shingles to deteriorate. As they deteriorate, maintenance will be required. The reason a repair will have to be performed is because homeowners insurance always has a deductible. The adjuster comes out and gives you a price that is far below your deductible and leaves you hanging. Now instead of getting a new roof you have to replace individual shingles. If you are not experienced at this type of task you will be up on the roof every year replacing that area of shingles because they have to fit and be water tight. It will cost more to outsource it but we recommend a professional repair your roof.

What is the “life” expectancy of a shingle?
You should realize there is a major difference between today’s roofing shingle technology and those of yesteryear. There was a time when the T-Lock shingle was classified as high tech but just a few short years later is classified as obsolete. Other types of shingles have become obsolete as well. In the past the typical shingle had a paper membrane as the main foundation whereas today they are manufactured out of fiberglass. A roofing shingles main job is to protect our house from water. Which material would you rather have a boat made out of, paper or fiberglass? Yeah, me too. Fiberglass by itself is water resistant. Wrap asphalt around it and you have a quality shingle that will last for decades.

How Long does an Installation Take?
The typical roof installation by a roofing company, including removal of the entire existing roof, usually takes only ONE single day. Your only inconvenience is to remove your car from the driveway and any large items next to the house…and that is not set in stone. Many times a roofing crew will be able to work right around those items but we still advise you to move the car. The only exception to this one day rule of thumb is bad weather rolling in because that will hinder a typical roofing installation. Other situations…if the house is very large or the roof is based on the design of an older Victorian styled house then the removal and installation may take as much as up to three days. Once the roofer does an inspection you will have a much clearer idea of a time frame based on what he sees.

When you are considering contacting a roofing company ask questions. Have a trained roofer give you a qualified estimate of both time and price. The timeframe from your first conversation with a roofer until the roof actual goes on the home is several weeks due to your homeowner’s insurance and mortgage company, so be patient.