Color Combinations: Where to Draw Inspiration

Would it shock you if I told you that color is the fastest and cheapest way to update a room? It is often the first thing we do when we move into any new home, apartment or condo. Don’t shy away from using bright colors, bold colors, or even unusual combinations when you are decorating your new (or old) space. Your goal should be getting rid of that boring beige that is found today in so many new or renovated homes. Color, when used properly and in the right combination can be used as your secret design weapon.

Some of you may have already contracted with a good interior designer or decorator when planning out a strategy for your update. An excellent interior designer or decorator can take any project from a “zzzzzzzzz” to a “Zing!” However, it that isn’t in your budget, or if you would like to have a starting point to talk about with the designer, here are some color combo tips for you.

An easy way to choose colors for your home is to find inspiration outside of your home. The world’s greatest and foremost designer and decorator is Mother Nature, so simply look out the window for some easy ideas. Mother Nature has been matching colors and awing people with her combinations longer then anyone else. She has quite an eye for beautiful color combinations.

Take a look at any garden and notice how different plant and flower colors compliment each other. Walk through your local park or wooded area to see what unique inspirations you might get. One favorite client of mine drew incredible inspiration from the cranberry bogs of her childhood. The unique colors she matched together in her dinning room are breathtaking and amazingly appealing table.

If you are stumped, turn to the masters for encouragement and ideas. You will find a plethora of options at your local museum or art gallery. Amateur and professional artists might take challenges that you haven’t thought about, or brought out themes you passed over. Look at what other artists have done, and pick combinations and styles that you like.

Inspiration can also be drawn from the most important spring, YOURSELF. What colors do you like? Grab you kid’s box of Crayolas and see what colors you are drawn to and what colors don’t work for you. Know that some colors won’t be ideal for certain rooms, so you might want a 2nd or 3rd opinion, but you should carefully consider what colors make you happy, make you comfortable and make you calm.

In the end, there really are no rules with picking color themes for a home. You should feel free to consult with everyone you know, whether they are design professionals or not. But the final decision is yours, and you have to go with whatever color you want. You will be living in the space, so you need to be happy with the colors in the end.