Painting Essentials That You Should Not Miss

House painting is one aspect of the home improvement project which can turn out to be a complicated and challenging task even for the most seasoned and trained house painting specialists. If you are planning to perform a house painting job as part of your home makeover, then you have to seriously consider all the critical elements that spell the difference between a good and a botched-up job.

Proper preparation is one of the essentials that you have to take into account. Is the surface that you are going to work on all prepped up for the painting job? If not, what are the things that must be done before going into the painting proper? What are the repair jobs that you must undertake before doing the painting job?

An assortment of complications and problems can affect the performance of even the most competent and experienced professional painting specialists. Thus, sufficient preparation and planning must be integrated in the home improvement task to minimize the occurrence of such complications and problems.

Here are the most important items that you must take into account in order to achieve the desired results in your painting job:

1.Priming of surfaces before painting

After sanding, the next thing that follows is the priming job. The primer shall be used to conceal the marks left after prepping and repairing the surface prior to painting. This task is needed in order to avoid flashing through the paint coat which can result to the emergence of dull spots on the painted surface.

2.Using Painters Tape instead of masking tape

It is essential that you use the prescribed painters tape instead of masking tape. Competent and professional house painters will never resort to using masking tape as it leaves an adhesive residue on the painted surface. Thus, if the painting job entails the use of composite paint colors, then you will have to use painters tape especially on such painting jobs involving ceilings, trims, windows and walls.

3.Opting for semi-gloss or flat finish instead of high-gloss paint finish

High gloss paint may not be the best option for most of painting job conditions. In fact, if your primary objective is to attain a higher level of sheen in your bathroom and kitchen, then a semi-gloss or satin paint finish are your better choices than high-gloss paint finish. On the other hand, a flat paint finish will give you a solid and clean look. It also provides a highly stylish look while giving you the flexibility of concealing imperfections and blemishes that are present on the surface you are working on.

4.Using the prescribed and high quality paint roller

The paint roller frame is not the area where you can cut down on your cost. Low cost paint roller frame have the tendency to bend prematurely once pressed on the surface being worked on. This can result to uneven finish with ugly marks of the paint roller. By opting for a high quality and sturdier paint roller you can easily achieve the standards that you have set for your home improvement project.

5.Painting technique to avoid inconsistent sheen

If you dont want to end up with a painting job as if its done by an amateur, then it is crucial that you bear in mind this effective technique used by professional house painters. A straight vertical painting will normally result to inconsistent sheen where the roller strokes are visibly seen on the paint finish.